Pegboard Hangers

Wood Pegboard Hangers

Wood pegboards are easy to cut, which makes them suitable for curved and irregularly shaped areas. They are also lighter, which makes them easy to relocate whenever you wish. Wood pegboards and the accompanying hangers can be used in a variety of ways, which will be discussed further here.

Closet Installation

Before you install the pegboard, determine the placement of the clothing rods since they will require additional support. Furring strips alongside one another should be placed behind the locations, for greater stability.

The best placement for the pegboard is at the back of the door, which is basically wasted space if there is no mirror placed on it. The door may cause the pegboard to wobble, however, and to solve this problem, you can buy holders in home improvement stores that can snap in and hold the pegboard in place.

A line of U-shaped wood pegboard hangers can display your ties and keep them free from wrinkles, and purses and bags can be hung on straight hooks. You can hang your belts by their loops. The lint roller should also be placed on the pegboard.

Craft Pegboard

Measure how much wall space you have in your craft area, then buy a wood pegboard and have it cut to fit your size requirements. Buy the pegboard in the color you like, and you can always add designs later on for further embellishment. If none of the available colors suit your fancy, you can always paint the whole thing in the color that you want. Mount the pegboard on the wall. Use a pencil to mark through the perforations of your screw placements. Put in wall anchors through the marks to make the pegboard more stable, hang the pegboard, and then put in the screws into the wall anchors through the pegboard perforations.

Determine how you will arrange your craft supplies, and place your wood pegboard hangers accordingly. For small craft tools, use a pair of hooks to suspend them. Other items can be placed in basket or trays.

Pegboard Cabinet

Buy two pegboards of equal size. Have one of them cut into two at the shop where you bought them. These smaller pieces of pegboard will serve as front doors for your cabinet. Cut pieces to serve as frames for the cabinet and the doors. Put the pieces together, and use galvanized screws to make them secure. Use the pre-cut pegboard to ensure that the frame is square. On the inner bottom corners of the front doors, place a small piece of wood. This serves as the end point for the handle screws. Attach the handles to the front of the doors with screws. Connect piano hinges to each side of the door, and then place the doors on the cabinet. Attach the cabinet to the wall, using wood screws and wall studs to secure it.

You can now store your selected items in your pegboard cabinet using wood pegboard hangers.

There are many indoor uses of wood pegboards for which metal pegboards may not be the best option. Unlike metal pegboards, wood pegboard hangers are organic and homey. They exude warmth and give any area a country look and feel.
Wood Pegboard Hangers