Pegboard Hangers

Metal Pegboard Hangers

Pegboards are a great way to store, organize, and display various items. Garage tools are best organized with pegboards for user safety and convenience.

All About Metal Pegboard Hangers

Metal pegboard hangers are more durable than hangers made from other materials, and they can support a greater amount of weight. They are also more versatile, and come in different shapes and sizes. The hangers for lighter duty functions are made from stainless steel or zinc, and they can carry more weight than a non-metal hanger of identical size. A metal hanger for medium duty, on the other hand, can extend up to a foot from the pegboard.

The Advantage of Using Metal

Metal pegboard hangers work best when used in conjunction with metal pegboards. Their main purpose is to hold very heavy objects, which wood pegboards and plastic hangers cannot usually handle. In fact, a properly installed metal pegboard can hold items that total up to a ton in weight. Items that it can support include:

  • Heavy garage tools
  • Special athletic equipment such as bikes and golf clubs
  • Large garden tools, such as shovels and rakes

Though metal pegboard hangers may cost more than plastic hangers, they are your only option if you are to hang heavy items on your pegboard.

The Proper Way to Hang Garage Tools

Here are some tips to help you in organizing your garage tools.

  • The groups of tools you use most often are the ones that should be placed on the pegboard. The others are best kept in labeled boxes and drawers. 

  • Decide on the arrangement and location of the tools that you will place on the pegboard. The screwdrivers, hammers, and other tools, which you use often should be at eye level, in the middle of the pegboard.

  • Have your pegboard hangers ready. They can be purchased online or you can visit a home improvement shop. When you place your hangers on the pegboard, space them accordingly so that they can handle the different sizes of the tools. A tool with a hole can be placed on a single hook. 

  • Attach hangers in pairs to hold tools with enlarged heads such as hammers, brooms, shovels, and rakes. You can put the head on a pair of hangers, and allow the handle to hang down the pegboard.

  • Smaller items can be placed in containers that hang on the board. Some of these smaller items, such as screws and washers can be placed in clear pencil cases, with zippers that have convenient holes. These pencil cases can then hang on the pegboard.

  • Other items such as glue bottles can be placed on shelves attached to the pegboard. To make a shelf, get a 4-inch wide x 1-inch thick board. Drill a hole near the ends of the wooden board an inch and a half deep. The holes should be 3/16-inch in diameter. Insert a straight hook through the holes on the wooden board and place it on the pegboard.
Metal Pegboard Hangers