Pegboard Hangers

Types of Pegboard Hangers

A pegboard is a hard board with evenly spaced holes that are pre-drilled. It is often accessorized with hangers and hooks to hold objects. You can also use shelves, bins, and trays to hold items that need to be stored and sorted. Pegboards are perfect for use in homes, especially for men's workspaces in the garage or shed. Men tend to dump their stuff on the table or a toolbox that they find it hard to find a specific tool every once in a while because of the clutter. But you can be organized and neat if you get the proper accessories. You can find most of these things in hardware or home improvement stores at very low prices.

Single and Double Hangers

Single and double hangers are common types of pegboard hangers. Single and double hangers are ideal for carrying light objects and they don’t carry much weight. These hangers can be made of metal, plastic, tough nylon, or stainless steel.

The plastic hangers look cute because they come in different colors. There are also zinc-finished hangers that are rust-resistant. These hangers often do not go above a dollar per piece, but they are usually packed in 10’s or 20’s. And the more you buy, the bigger the discount you will get. This type of pegboard hangers is often combined with angled and curved hangers in a pegboard accessory kit, which offers you great savings and variety than buying per piece.

Angled and Curved Hangers

An angled hanger is a type of pegboard hanger shaped like the letter L. The curved hangers are shaped like an inverted J. Like the angled hangers, items that are hung on curved hangers won’t fall off right away. This type is more heavy duty, compared to the straight hangers. Some even have a weight capacity of fifty pounds. Take note though that these things are priced a bit higher than the light duty hangers but only by a dollar or so.

Bins and Shelves

For items that cannot be hung or hooked, you can use bins and shelves. Bins for pegboards are quite small and great for nuts, bolts, and screws. The bins are often made of plastic and come in pretty colors. They don’t have covers so you can easily find exactly what you need at once. The shelves for pegboards are held by clamps, and you can choose the metal shelf so that it won’t be too heavy. That way, the pegboard can handle the weight of the shelf and its contents. Although pegboards are ideal for garages and work sheds, you can also place one in your bedroom closet.

Where to Buy?

If you are not sure where to get these types of pegboard hangers, simply search online. You will be able to find a wide array of hooks and hangers, shelves, bins and tool holders that will suit your needs. But if you are in the mood to shop, visit your nearest home improvement store. You can purchase the pegboard and accessories that you require there, too.

Types of Pegboard Hangers