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Before even thinking about buying new furniture or repainting the walls, it's important to ensure that all the things in the house are exactly where they should be. A well-organized house has a lot of advantages. People can move more efficiently, there will be a lot less clutter, and everything will look a lot more pleasing to the eyes. More importantly, as the homeowner, you'll know exactly where things are and you won't waste precious time going through piles and piles of unnecessary junk just to find something that you need.

Putting Things in Order

A pegboard organizer is one of the best ways to get organized.  Pegboards come in all colors and sizes, and all you need is a flat surface to attach the pegboard to.  This means that you can place the pegboard in any wall or at the back of any door, providing you an area where you can hang virtually anything – from tools to towels to pots.  Pegboards can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, and just about anywhere you want to place it. 

The best thing about pegboards is that they don’t take up a lot of space.  Compared to a cabinet or a drawer, in which you need a designated floor area, with pegboards all you need is a flat surface.  Additionally, pegboards are easy to install and easy to transfer, unlike cabinets which are heavy and hard to move around.  Pegboards are also very flexible, which is why many people use them to organize their things.

Additional Materials You Need to Get Organized

You need to know that if you plan to use a pegboard organizer, this move will take so much more than just buying the basic pegboard panel.  Buying the pegboard panel is the first step, but aside from that, you may need the following materials:

  • Assorted pegboard hooks or pegs – used to hang objects from the pegboard.
  • Pegboard organizer jar – can be used to contain small items like screws, buttons, and others.
  • Pegboard screwdriver holder – has ready holes to place the screwdrivers in.
  • Pegboard organizer tray – can be used to contain small items but without the lid of the jar.
  • Pegboard organizer bin – a pullout bin that can be used to contain tiny objects.
  • Pegboard wrench holder – has holes to hang the wrenches from.
  • Pegboard shelves – can be used for items that need shelving, like books.
  • Pegboard baskets – used for bigger items that need to be put in one place.

Pegboard Design

Using a pegboard organizer is a great way to arrange tools and other materials that you have in the house, and it’s important to remember that when you get organized, you don’t have to sacrifice design.  In fact, you can use paint to design your pegboard panels in a way that your distinct personality gets stamped on it.  The way you arrange the organizer jars, trays, shelves, and bins can also be done in a very clutter-free and creative manner.

Pegboard Organizer