Pegboard Hangers

Pegboard Guitar Hanger

Pegboards are great tools to use in storing and organizing things, but they can also be used to display them artistically. The pegboard can be used in a wide variety of functions, and some musicians and guitar owners have found them to be very effective in storing their guitars.

Pegboards are boards mounted on walls, with evenly spaced holes on which you can hang the pegboard hangers. These hangers come in many shapes, sizes, and types, which means that you can hang just about anything on them. In fact, hanger manufacturers have come up with a special pegboard guitar hanger specifically designed to hold guitars.

Alternative Storage for Guitars

Using a pegboard system for your guitars is a great alternative to keeping them in their cases. Storing a guitar in its case doesn't make it instantly available when you have a whim to play, and taking it from a guitar case is comparatively a time-consuming and laborious process. It also hides the guitar from view, and deprives you of staring at its unique beauty when you are not playing. Hiding the guitar from view may also lessen your desire to play it. As the saying goes…“out of sight, out of mind.”

Advantages of Using a Pegboard Guitar Hanger

By hanging your guitar on a pegboard, the problems and annoyances connected with a guitar case can be avoided.

  • Security. By hanging your guitar on a pegboard, you provide a safe storage place for your guitar. You can lessen the chances that your guitar will be accidentally damaged. It won't fall over, and it won't be in danger of being stepped on or bashed in some way.

  • Convenience. Anytime you feel like playing or plucking a few chords, you can easily get your guitar from the pegboard hanger. This can be a great help for budding composers, when a melody suddenly comes to mind and the need to hear it is intense and immediate. With the pegboard system, the “need” could be filled right away with no time to waste. Once you' re done, you can just as easily slip your guitar back onto the pegboard.

  • Decorative display. Great guitars have their own beauty, and with the pegboard system, guitars can be displayed for everyone to see. Pegboard hangers come in many types so that the guitar can be viewed from any angle you want. Not only will it add to the general aesthetics of the room, but it can also serve a constant reminder that your guitar is readily available. It may tempt you to play more, thus making you a better guitarist.

The Main Features of the Pegboard Guitar Hanger

The hanger should be made of materials that would not damage the guitar in any way, or mar the guitar's finish. The yoke of the hanger should pivot, so that it can accommodate any kind of headstock. The yoke should also be adjustable to any width, so that an instrument with a narrow neck such as a banjo can be held as well as a 12-string guitar, which has a wide neck. Also, it should be able to fasten itself securely on the pegboard so that there is no chance the guitar can accidentally fall to the floor.

Pegboard Guitar Hanger