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Pegboard Panels

When it comes to storage space in homes or even in the workplace, people utilize various materials to help organize their stuff. Pegboard panels have been used for many purposes– some use them to display items in a more presentable manner, while others use them simply to maximize storage space. Pegboards are basically large panels with evenly spaced holes drilled into them, and these holes are there so that people can insert as many pegs or hooks as they require. Pegboards vary in size, material, and durability, but they can be used for a variety of functions.

Where to Use Pegboards

Pegboard panels can be used virtually in any area that needs help displaying or organizing items.  Pegboards are often seen in a garage or a shop because the hooks or the pegs that will be hanging from the pegboard can be used to organize tools and other materials like fishing rods, floor mops, and even brooms.  In fact, if your purpose is just to display and keep tools in an orderly manner, then you can attach the pegboard into any flat surface such as a wall or a cabinet door. 

Pegboards can also be used in the bathroom to help organize items like rolls of tissue, razors, hairbrushes, and even towels.  In the kitchen, you can use a pegboard to organize the various kitchen materials like pots and pans, knives, ladles, tongs, and can openers.  Aside from using it in the different rooms of the house, pegboards can also be used in stores to display items that are on sale.

Different Kinds of Pegboards

Those who decide to buy a pegboard and use it for whatever purpose will have to decide on what kind of pegboard to purchase.  This is because there are many kinds of pegboard panels that people can choose from based on the materials they are made of, such as:

  • Hardboard
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Choosing the Appropriate Pegboard

Making the choice between the different kinds of pegboard panels will depend on where and how the pegboards will be used.  Different pegboard materials have varying levels of durability and how durable a pegboard is will definitely be a point of consideration.  If you plan to hang heavy objects then the choice should be heavy-duty pegboards.  Pegboards also come in varying thickness, and this is another factor that should be considered.  Depending on where you plan to place the pegboard, you also have to consider that wooden pegboards are susceptible to rotting, although in some cases they are the most appropriate to use. 

Lastly, the look you want to achieve should also be a decision point. Take note that metal and plastic pegboards come in all kinds of hip and trendy colors while wooden pegboards exude a more classical feel.   There really is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing pegboards, as long as you choose the one that is appropriate to what you plan to use it for.

Pegboard Panels