Pegboard Hangers

Pegboard Hangers Bulk

People who regularly use tools have always wanted to organize them so that they can be easily accessible when they are needed. For this purpose, pegboards have become quite popular.

What are Pegboards?

A pegboard is a single sheet material, which may either be made from a wood byproduct, plastic, or metal. It is attached to a wall surface, and functions as a storage system for multiple items.

What are Pegboard Hangers?

Pegboard hangers are attached to the pegboard. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, to accommodate the almost unlimited types of items that can be placed on a pegboard. The simplest comes in the basic J shape, onto which a single tool is attached. Other types include double-prong hangers, for various types of hammers. Some pegboard hangers can even support shelves. Pegboards require furring strips on its backside so that there is space for the hangers.

You can buy assorted types of pegboard hangers in kits. If you tend to use a single type of pegboard hanger, you can save on expenses by making a pegboard hangers bulk purchase.

Pegboard hangers also come in various dimensions, though the most common are the 1/8th and 3/16th-inch thick hangers. These sizes can fit into conventional pegboard hole configurations. As a general rule, the thicker a hanger becomes, the more it is able to support greater weight. Pegboard hangers depend on their mechanical attachment with the pegboard, and it can fall off if the pegboard holes are stretched.

The Multiple Uses of Pegboard Hangers

Your pegboard hangers bulk purchase can be used with the pegboard in a variety of ways, though tool storage and organization may be the most common. Another way to use pegboard hangers is to display selected items to give them a better effect. Here are some examples:

  • You can spice up your craft area with a large pegboard, which you can paint in bright and interesting colors. You can attach baskets for items such as paintbrushes, and other containers for delicate items such as ribbons and tissue paper. You can have buckets on the pegboard to keep your tubes of paint, and appropriate hangers for scissors and other tools. The tools and supplies, which you use most often, should figure prominently and conveniently on the pegboard. Common items should be grouped together, not only to provide a logical arrangement but also to produce a less cluttered look.

  • You can use the pegboard hangers to display your favorite jewelry. This not only keeps your jewelry collection organized, but also allows you to display them as if they are museum pieces or works of art. You can organize them in particular groups such as tiaras, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, and bracelets. The pegboard should be painted in white or creamy tones, and the pegboard may also be framed in metallic colors such gold or silver.

  • If you own a shop, you can also use the pegboard hangers to display items for sale. This can be especially effective for items, which you find more difficult to sell.

Pegboards and pegboard hangers can be very useful, and with a little imagination, can be used in many different ways.

Pegboard Hangers Bulk