Pegboard Hangers

Stanley Pegboard Hangers

The brand Stanley is well known for its hardware supplies and tools. It was in 1843 when Frederick Stanley started to manufacture wrought iron hinges, bolts and other hardware. In 2010, the Stanley Company merged with Black and Decker to form the Stanley Black and Decker Company.

The company still enjoys the patronage of loyal customers who equate their products with quality and excellence. Stanley hammers are known for their durability. People who purchased their hammers twenty years ago swear by the excellent craftsmanship of their products.

Stanley pegboard hangers are no different, either. They have light duty, heavy duty and tool holders in this category. You can easily find their tools and pegboard hardware in various online stores or in your neighborhood home improvement store.

Straight Pegboard Hanger

The Stanley straight pegboard hanger is made of zinc and is rust proof. It can fit 1/8” and 1/4” pegboards. It is ideal for use in hanging miscellaneous items, tools and other accessories in your home. It comes in 4”, 6” and 8” sizes.

Stanley also produces the double straight pegboard hanger. The heavy duty Stanley pegboard hangers have a maximum load capacity of fifty pounds. The price of these hangers is about $1 each but buying in bulk and large quantities often gives you great savings. The heavy-duty hangers can go for over $2 per piece, and are often seen in retail stores to hang their merchandise.

Angled, Curved and Looped Pegboard Hangers

The angled pegboard hanger is shaped like the letter L. It can fit ¼ pegboards and are 1 inch to 1½ inches in size. The angled pegboard hanger can be bought at $0.66 each if you get 120 pieces and up. Like all Stanley pegboard hangers, it comes in zinc finish that is rust resistant.

The curved pegboard hanger is shaped like an inverted J. It is heavy-duty and great for tools and other items you may need to keep in your garage, shed, or workshop.

The looped pegboard hanger is another variant that Stanley produces. The loop hanger is light duty only and cannot handle really heavy tools. It is 5” in length. The looped-shape hangers are preferred because the items that are hung in them do not easily fall off. They are similarly priced with the other pegboard hangers.

Other Pegboard Accessories

The spring-loaded clip can also be used for pegboards. This is perfect for your work shed or garage to hold larger tools. The diameter of the clip is from half an inch up to 1¼ inches. There are also other sizes available for smaller tools you might have.

Spring-loaded clips are zinc finished and resist rusting. The magnetic tool bar is ideal for tools with a surface that is metallic. You will simply attach the surface of the tool and it will stick to the pegboard. Its length is 18 inches, and it comes in a red steel finish and looks really attractive, especially on a white pegboard. The multiple-tool holder can hold up to 6 tools and is great for screwdrivers of different sizes.  

Stanley Pegboard Hangers