Pegboard Hangers

How to Hang Pegboard

A pegboard should be hung in a stable and secure manner so that it can hold heavy objects for long periods of time. It may be one of the most affordable solutions for home storage needs, and it is versatile enough to be used in almost any room in the house. The pegboard can be used for numerous functions, and it can also be fixed and displayed in a way that can add decorative value to the room.

Painting the Pegboard

Pegboards can come in many kinds of colors, and they are not difficult to keep free from dirt and grime. These painted pegboards come with a finish that is very resilient and easy to maintain. If you wish to cut down on costs or have your pegboard in a specific color, you can buy plain pegboards and paint them yourself.

The best paint to use for a pegboard is urethane enamel, which provides additional resiliency as well as color. You can mix urethane enamel to get a specific color that matches the color scheme of the room, and it will last for a fairly long time.

Cutting the Pegboard

You can buy pegboards in sheets of various sizes. For the sake of convenience, you should buy them from a shop that can cut them according to your specifications. You can also do this yourself if you wish, though the pegboard may sustain damage if you don't clamp it properly, or cut it with the proper blade.

Use a fine-tip pen marker to make a line with a level and a straightedge. Along this straight line, set up two pegboards with clamps. Before you start on the procedure on how to hang pegboard, you may wish to consider making further decorative improvements on the pegboard so that it will match the visual theme of the room.

How to Hang Pegboard Properly

For lightweight pegboard, these are the materials you will need:

  • 3/8 inch spacers
  • plastic wall anchors
  • appropriate-sized screws

First, use the top holes of the pegboard to mark the wall every 16 inches. Mount the plastic wall anchors where you placed the marks. Have someone assist you as you plug the screws through the spacers and through the pegboard holes. Then you can tighten the screw into the plastic wall anchors.

For bigger, thicker, or heavier pegboard, instead of the spacers you will need furring strips so that it can provide adequate support, and they have to be mounted before you do anything else. You should have wall studs in place where you can mount the furring strips. These furring strips will be enough to support not just the weight of the pegboard but also be able to hold heavy objects that have been attached to pegboard hooks.

If you have done this procedure correctly, the pegboard will stay there indefinitely. There's no way it will get dismantled accidentally.

This kind of storage can save you a significant amount of space. With pegboards, your tools and other items will not only be conveniently stored, but will also be displayed in an interesting and appealing way.

How to Hang Pegboard