Pegboard Hangers

Slatwall Pegboard Hangers

A slatwall is a wall covering that has horizontal slats, hence its name. The slats or grooves have a standard of three inches but it can also be modified or customized to accommodate the items to be placed on it. The material used for the slatwall is called MDF or medium density fiberboard, which meets the specifications of most merchandisers and store planners.

Slatwall is perfect for commercial establishments such as hardware stores and grocery stores that display merchandise. Slatwall can save on space because hangers and hooks are attached to it to keep the items in place. It can also be used in the home. It is very efficient for clearing clutter, and you can easily keep knickknacks and other miscellaneous items in slatwall pegboard hangers, hooks, and shelves.

Plastic and Metal Pegboard Hangers

Like Masonite pegboard hangers, there is also plastic and metal pegboard hangers suited for a slatwall. They differ in size, however, since pegboards have holes. The hangers for the slatwall come in different lengths. There is one inch, four inches, six inches, ten inches and twelve inches. There is also a hanger with a plastic label. This type is best for stores so you can place the item name and price details. These hangers and hooks cost under $1. You can have even more savings if you purchase in bulk.

On the other hand, you might consider getting the metal hangers for heavier items. It comes in black, white, or chrome finish.

Slatwall Long Shelf

The long shelf is great for items that cannot be held in place by hooks and hangers. If you wish to place bigger items, you can use shelves instead. There are stainless steel shelves that can carry heavier weight and since a bookshelf may take up too much space in your home, you can use a slatwall and a long shelf to hold the books.  A slatwall long shelf is also best for hardware stores. They can be used to hold a store’s merchandise.

There are wooden and aluminum shelves available and your choice will depend on your specific needs and budget. Standard sized metal slatwall shelves are usually priced at $25 but a wooden shelf can go as high as $70 each. There is a big difference in pricing so you must be careful in weighing your options.

Multi-tool Holder

Some people prefer to use the slatwall over pegboards, to hold their tools. This is because the material of the slatwall is thought to be much stronger compared with the pegboard. The multi-tool holder is sturdier if you match it up to slatwall pegboard hangers. These holders are capable of bearing the weight of drills and wrenches, among others, and they are best for men who wish to keep their tools well organized in their garages or workshops.  Most tool holders can hold up to six tools at a time, which is just about right for most users.

With slatwall pegboard hangers, getting men to keep their workspaces clean and clutter-free is no longer impossible.

Slatwall Pegboard Hangers