Pegboard Hangers

Masonite Pegboard Hangers

Masonite is a type of hardboard invented by William H. Mason. This material comes from wood chips that are broken up into smaller pieces and then saturated with steam. The steam is steadily increased from 100 psi to 400 psi and then instantly released into the atmosphere. The fiber that is created is shaped into boards that are pressed onto a screen, and then heated and pressed to form the finished product, which is ideal for use as skateboard ramps and for use in film and theater stages. The Masonite pegboards are often used in houses especially in garages, workshops, and sheds, and the Masonite pegboard hangers are usually made of metal, steel or plastic.

Steel or Metal Hangers

Pegboards are used in houses and commercial establishments for various reasons. Mostly, pegboards are important for organizing tools and equipment in garages and workshops. The common hooks and hangers for pegboards are made of steel and metal. It usually appears silver in color and the size is varied, ranging from 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm. Stanley hangers are rust resistant with a zinc finish. It is the choice of most homeowners and business owners because they are long lasting. The heavy-duty hangers have a fifty-pound capacity, and these are commonly used in hardware stores to display their merchandise.

Plastic Hangers     

Plastic hooks and hangers are gaining a following currently because these things lock in place when inserted into the pegboard’s hole. They come in many different colors and are very sturdy. Plastic hangers can hold heavy objects and still stay in place.

These Masonite pegboard hangers are priced reasonably, too. You can get 40 pieces of plastic hangers for just $12.95. This type comes in four variants: the curved, angled, box and spring. You will be able to hang your tools like screwdrivers and pliers’ efficiently using plastic hangers and there are also jumbo plastic hangers that can hold your drill and power tools without difficulty. The length of the peg is usually 2.5 inches.

Masonite Pegboard Bins

Masonite pegboard hangers can help keep your stuff organized. But if you have small items that need to be kept like small screws, nuts, bolts and the like, pegboard bins are even better options. There are small bins you can attach to the pegboard. That way, your things will be properly arranged and you will find what you need easily. The bins are made of plastic and come in bright and attractive colors. They are very affordable so you can purchase several bins for your organizing needs.

Product Availability

The Masonite pegboard hangers can be found in most hardware stores. You will be able to buy it in home improvement stores nationwide and you can also order them online. The good thing about buying online is the discounts offered. There are retailers that offer price offs, thus enabling you to save on cost. You’d also be happy to know that there are plenty of stores that sell Masonite pegboard hangers, and you won’t have any difficulty shopping for these things online or offline.

Masonite Pegboard Hangers