Pegboard Hangers

Pegboard Hangers

There is now a new way to store your tools with the use of pegboard hangers, without having to spend a fortune for it. This modular storage system is called the metal custom color pegboard. It contains the conventional round holes, as well as a new configuration of thin vertical slots.

The Disadvantage of Using the Traditional Pegboard

The traditional pegboard, though very useful, comes with a distinctly glaring disadvantage. When people pulled tools off the board, the pegboard hangers would be pulled off as well. To solve this problem, some manufacturers have equipped their hooks and hangers with retention devices, but eventually the holes in the pegboard (which are made from wood byproducts) would grow larger as time passed. The increase in the size of the pegboard hole allowed the hook to be unintentionally detached every time you pulled off a tool from the pegboard.

The New Metal Custom Color Pegboard

Instead of wood byproduct, the new pegboard is made from metal. These new pegboards come in various colors to suit your taste, and you can put up as many of these as you want. They even contain the conventional ΒΌ-inch holes if you wish to use regular pegboard hangers.

Each metal pegboard has been equipped with 16 x 15 vertical slots that are spaced an inch apart. New metal hooks have been made that can securely lock into the vertical slots. You can find these new hook ends at the end of various items such as:

  • holders for spray paint cans
  • holders for paper towels
  • shelves
  • accessory hooks and hangers

You would need to perform deliberate movements so that you can transfer a hook from one slot into another location. These movements are very different from the act of pulling a tool from the pegboard, which means that getting the tool leaves the hook still connected to the pegboard.

For longer tools such as mops and brooms, you can get the new metal pegboard with 8 inches by 32 inches dimensions. The pegboard hooks and hangers designed for these tools work perfectly, as they permit easy and convenient accessibility whenever you need the longer tools. You no longer have to be extra careful when you are removing a tool and leaving the hanger still connected to the pegboard.

Buying and Installing Custom Color Pegboards

You can buy the custom color metal pegboard online, but they can also be found at various home improvement shops in your area as well. The pegboard is constructed from galvanized metal, and can be found in bright colors such as red, orange, and green, as well as more neutral hues such as black, white, and different shades of gray. You can have your pick of the numerous pegboard accessories as well.

The installation process is simple enough, which is another advantage of the new metal pegboard. You can use anchors to install them easily on concrete walls. Each corner of the pegboard also has a hole so that you can install the pegboard on any wall. And the dismantling is even faster than the installation, which means that any time you wish to relocate your pegboard, you can do so easily.

Pegboard Hangers